Friday, February 25, 2022

Recording Acoustic Guitars

I want to start a new section on recording tricks I try that might be of some help when recording on a budget. This first one will be a quick trick to record acoustic guitars. Everyone knows that the trick to getting great sounding, wide acoustic guitars is to double track the guitars. Well here is a quick and simple method to getting it all done in one take. 

The setup on this isn't complicated. You only need one mic, an interface that has two inputs, and YOUR PHONE! 

I recorded this in Reaper the first track is done with a Lauten Audio LA220 a few inches away from the 12th fret.

The next the was recorded at the same time with a guitar cable going from the acoustic straight into the interface. The DI by itself sounds brittle so I added an Acoustic Guitar Impulse Response that I found online. 

ADHDguitarist · AC GTR DI 

The third was an idea to get a bit of the room for some space. I was really surprised at how good my two year old iPhone SE sounds. It's literally sitting on the desk next to my computer. 

Lastly I bus all of these tracks together, pan the mic and DI Left and Right, add in a bit of iPhone recording, then a touch of EQ Compression and some plate reverb. Keep in mind this is one take. 

You'll hear the separation more if your listening on headphones. The acoustic almost sounds like multiple guitars with plenty of seperation in the track for vocals. Next time I might try moving the phone to the other side of the room just to see what happens. 

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