Saturday, February 12, 2022

Looking for Singer Songwriters

Over the last few years I've gotten into recording and music production. While I'll be the first one to admit I've still got things to learn, I've think I've come a long way. One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with other artist, specifically artist that are a bit outside of my Hard Rock leanings. Recently I took a song from an artist that was just his vocal and an acoustic guitar. It's pretty obvious it was written as a soft quiet ballad. 

Originally I thought I would try to lean into the ballad, a few layers of acoustic guitar, a nice in the pocket guitar solo, maybe some vst strings.... But then I added drums and I double timed it. Suddenly the song took on a whole new life and I wanted to make an upbeat rock song. After a couple of days of playing around with the guitars I had an entirely different song. I added bass and tweaked the drums, then I took his vocals and layered them to create some harmonies and vocal effects. 

This is some of my favorite stuff to do and I'd like to do more of it. So if you or someone you know is a singer songwriter that wants to take their songs and turn them into something more reach out to me here, or on social media. 

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