Monday, January 10, 2022

Revv G3 Pedal Review

A few months ago, I was working at my day job in a customers home and I noticed quickly he had some very nice gear. We're talking several Friedman amps, Diezel, a Revv generator, and a ton of guitars. We got to talking shop (guitar, of course) and at the end of my work there he handed me this pedal. I was completely blown away! This is probably one of the nicest things a stranger has ever given me. When he handed it to me he said, this will be your new favorite drive channel. I had heard about Revv amplifiers and pedals but I'd never run across one and I have to say everything I had heard is absolutely correct. 

Controls are pretty typical of an amp in a box pedal, Volume, Gain, a three band eq and an "aggression" switch. I'm pretty sure the 3 band eq is active so start with everything at 12 o'clock and cut or boost depending on what your looking for. The Gain is useable through the entire range, it never gets muddy or mushy even on the highest settings. It is very dynamic and touch sensitive so it responds well to your pick attack and cleans up when you roll down the volume. That being said it never really gets "clean", then again that's probably not what your using it for anyway. 

 If you leave the aggression switch off it has a high gain crunch that sounds amazing pushed with higher output humbuckers (it sounds pretty good with PAF style and strat pickups too). In the up position your in "blue" mode. It adds a layer of compression and gain that sounds great for everything from 80's rock and up. The down position is the "red" mode and adds another layer of gain that nails a perfect modern high gain tone. Terms like articulate, clear, and brutal come to mind. It has a very tight bottom end that never gets flubby. My understanding is that the red G4 pedal has a bigger bottom end. 

Revv has been partnering with Two Notes Audio and is building their products right in to some of their latest amps. I use the Two Notes Wall of Sound Plugin with this plugin to add some power amp girth along with the speaker cabs. You can run this pedal in front of a clean amp or into the return of an effects loop. 

I will say that just like some amps take to pedals well and some need to be set a certain way, this pedal is the same. I can get a great crunch sound out of it but then hitting it with a TS or klon type pedal doesn't really work unless I have it set just so. Dynamically it reacts well but I don't love it when it comes to stacking with other pedals. That being said there is a ton of gain on tap and the active eq and the aggression switch make it pretty damn versatile. 

I did not receive compensation in any way for this review and my thoughts and comments are completely my own. 

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