Thursday, December 30, 2021

Confirmed: New Andy Timmons pedal coming

Chances are if you've found this blog you found it through one of my Andy Timmons post. I'm guessing this because my Andy Timmons Gear Guide is one of the most visited articles on this blog, by far. 

Andy Timmons recently put a picture up on Instagram that had a new pedal on top of his amps. This pedal reminded me of the Keeley ECCOS pedal so I started doing some digging. Sure enough both Robert Keeley and now Andy Timmons have confirmed that they have been working on a signature Andy Timmons Delay pedal. 

What we know so far

So far Keeley has put out the ECCOS and Hydra pedals on what he calls the "dream platform". The ECCOS is a stereo dual delay and the Hydra is a stereo reverb and tremolo. Both have programable settings, are easy to use but also allow for some very deep editing despite having only a few knobs and being in a standard pedal size. 

Keeley Electronics has trademarked the Name HALO DELAY as of a filling in June 2021 

In the past Andy used two EHX Deluxe Memory Man pedals, and then switched to using a Strymon Timeline to replicate this sound and to be more reliable. In the picture it says Halo on the pedal and Andy will be releasing a new album on April 1st 2022 featuring the pedal. Also on a livestream Andy said that the pedal should be released in March. 

Update 3/25/22 : looks like the rollout of the HALO DELAY pedal may be pushed back. I don't have any information other than Robert Keeley said that there was something "mind blowing coming after May and something supernova after that". 

Update 5/24/22: Someone on FB was looking for a Delay/Reverb pedal and Robert Keeley popped in and said that they might want to wait till June 10th! so I am assuming that it is indeed a Delay and Reverb and will be announced at Summer NAMM and available just after. 

What we don't know

Is it a Dual Delay or a Delay and Reverb. I'm guessing it's the second only because Andy's livestreams have had a lot of reverb on them recently. Either way I'm buying a new pedal in March and I'll try and get a review up as soon as possible. 

Update 6/10/22: It's out and the YouTube videos sound incredible. And it is a Dual Delay, yes of course I ordered it as soon as possible. I'll post some pics and videos on Instagram and thoughts here soon after. 

I'll keep this post updated if I get any more information. 

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