Monday, April 23, 2012

Gary Moore One Night in Dublin 2005

I just got done watching Gary Moore & Friends- One Night in Dublin. Again. Gary always inspires me, his Live At Montreux '90, '97 are two of my favorite DVD's ever. And it just kills me that he is gone. One thing that strikes me as strange is that I've never spend a lot of time listening to Thin Lizzy, and yet Gary Moore and John Sykes are two of my favorite guitarist. That bluesy, shreading, Les Paul through a Marshall thing is what I love. I'm always blown away by his control, he's got the Marshall's volume cranked up and is using the feedback perfectly. His Les Paul's have stock PAF pickups. His Marshall's were never hotrodded, even if he did through an overdrive in front of it. And he always sounds like himself. Here are a couple of my favorite clips from ONID.

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