Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Eclectic Experience of Free Music

I've gotten quite a bit of free music downloads in the last couple of weeks. Google Play gives away stuff everyday and has a lot of free music available. I've found free music from Radiohead, Buddy Guy, Jeff Buckley, Jane's Addiction, and a free live album from Pearl Jam! If you don't know about Google Play its a free cloud service for their Android system. Books, Apps, Music, even Movies. And if you have an Android phone you have access to all of this stuff on the go. You can also just sign up on your computer, I do a lot more music listening on the computer than on my phone but its nice to have access to it other times too. I also discovered a new band named Marillion. I've never heard of them but apparently they have quite a following. They are their own record label, and do very well for themselves. If your in a band hoping to get a record deal, checkout what these guys are doing on their own. Besides everyone I know in bands hates "labels". Check them out here. Another place I've been getting music is from Joe Bonamassa who gives away a song every so often for being on the mailing list. Everyone complains about the music industry being dead, Nope Artist are still creating great stuff everyday. It's now your job to find it. All this music tends to get eclectic so open your mind to the experience and enjoy.

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