Sunday, September 25, 2022

More Than a Minor Feeling

 Recently while scrolling through social media I came across a TikTok creator and music guy @jimlapbap_music who takes more famous songs and plays them in very different genres of music. Things like taking Sweet Child of Mine as an Irish Jig, or Never Gonna Give You Up as a Sea Shanty. The results can be quite amusing but also it's a good exercise in learning to do production. Another run of songs he was doing was "Halloween" style songs. This was more 70s kid show "spooky" and he mentioned that part of the trick is taking upbeat songs and playing them in a minor key. So I thought I could do that. First I chose an upbeat classic rock song, Boston's More Than a Feeling. I slowed it down and transposed it to the minor key. Then I opened up logic and played the chords on a B3, I double the bass notes with a Cello and played the melody (in the minor key) on a glockenspiel. I added some wind blowing sounds and used Glitchmachines Fractal, a great free plugin, to make that glitchy. Then I added a creeky door sample and sent all the instruments to some reverb. On top of it all I used Izotope's Vinyl to warp the whole thing and lastly Ozone 9 to give it some glue. I've done a few other songs in different genres and it can be a lot of fun. Reimagining songs in to different genre is a great way to stretch your producer chops and learn how to use different instruments and effects in your DAW. 

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