Sunday, June 12, 2022

A Surprise Find and a not so Surprise Incoming Pedal

 Last week my family and I were on vacation and spend a couple of days in Athens GA. There is a music scene there that I didn't know existed and its a pretty cool place. I found a couple of guitar stores to check out and one of those stores was Classic City Guitars which is mostly cool vintage gear. One of which was an original Ibanez SD-9 Sonic Distortion! Now the only thing I knew about them was that Scott Henderson and Mike Landau liked them but I tried it out and he gave me a good price. So why the heck not. I'll be posting a review after I've spent some time with it. 

We were driving back from Athens on Friday June 10th and I remembered that Robert had said they had something coming out on that day. So about 10 till 1 we stopped for lunch. I checked my email, then Instagram, then the Keeley site, then Sweetwater back to Instagram..... BOOM there it was the Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Delay! I've never in my life hit the buy button so fast. 

We got back home that night and I watched the Keeley videos about the Halo. I spent a good part of Saturday resting from the trip and watching YouTube videos from various reviewers. Pete Thorn, Bret Kingman of course but also Rebea Massaad and found The Pedal Zone which is more Ambient and Post Rock stuff, very cool. 

I'm certainly looking forward to checking out these pedals and if you follow my Insta @adhd_guitarist you'll see lots of pics and probably some videos. 

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