Monday, November 26, 2018

Way Huge Saucy Box Review

The Way Huge Saucy Box has been out for a while but a few months back one showed up on a Musicians Friend Deal of the Day. I had recently watched a interview with Phil X who was using one on his pedalboard which peaked my interest. And I just couldn't pass up the deal.

If you don't know the story behind Way Huge it was founded by Jeorge Tripps as an early boutique pedal brand in the 90's. Way Huge had it's fans but it didn't become a huge success and Jeorge went to work for Line 6 helping to develop it's famous DL4 and other Stompbox Modelers. Then he went to work for Jim Dunlop and was able to relaunch Way Huge under the Dunlop umbrella of products.

Written off by some to be another Klon klone, the Saucy Box has it's own thing going on. There are some similarities to the Klon, it's got a great boost, it has a gritty low gain drive, and it doesn't add a lot of mid boost or cut low end like a Tube Screamer. But compared to other klones I've played (I've never played a true Klon) it's not the same. It does round of the edge of the high and low frequencies but in a slightly different way that's hard to describe without listening to it.

There is a ton of boost that works great to push your amp which works perfect for solos. The gain is very gritty and can sound harsh on a clean amp but if your driving a crunchy marshally tone it adds a layer of harmonic richness. Fire up a Plexi AC/DC-ish sound and then hit it with Saucy Box and your heaven. It acts as a MORE button except there is no spiky highs or flubby lows. Into this sound it's perfect for soloing or stacking with another drive or fuzz.

 If TS pedals aren't your thing and you want to stand out from the Klone crowd you should definitely checkout the Way Huge Saucy Box.

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