Saturday, November 18, 2017

RIP Malcolm Young: ADHD Tribute and Thoughts

Malcolm Young of AC/DC has passed. I was never a huge fan of the band but I can't deny their legacy in the hard rock arena. And while a lot of people think of Angus first Malcolm was really the sound of the band. Years ago I met Paul Gilbert at an in store clinic. Someone asked him about getting a great rock sound. He said "Start with AC/DC that Malcolm Young sound, then push it a little more for solos. That's how you get a great rock tone."

My main rock sound is pretty much that. I start with a sound that is more overdriven and then roll off my volume. If it sounds like AC/DC then I know that I'm pretty close to what I want. Then I might push that with a TS pedal or add in wah or delay or something else but that's the best sound out there. 

My two favorite AC/DC songs are Thunderstruck and If You Want Blood. I felt like If You Want Blood was more Malcolm and Thunderstruck is more Angus. So that is my tribute to Malcolm. My old Gibson Sonex plugged into my EVH5150LBX with the gain turned almost all the way down. 

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