Monday, June 26, 2017

ADHD Guitarist Ibanez Flying Fingers 2017 submission

I've had an Ibanez or two in my arsenal since around '94. I was in a guitar shop and saw a white Ibanez with F-holes painted on it. I thought it looked different from the other shredder guitars out there. I was in the market for my first "nice" guitar and this thing played great and sounded really good. Shortly after buying it someone said "oh you bought the Paul Gilbert guitar? He's awesome!" This was before the roll out of the internet and I had to do some research to find out who Paul Gilbert was. When I found out he was the guitarist for Mr. Big, I was blown away. I didn't mean to buy a signature guitar but there it was. All of my friends who played that guitar would talk about how great it played and how well it was built. Most of them when on to buy an Ibanez within the next couple of years. I also bought a couple more of them before settling on my Ibanez Prestige S1520BP in 2000. Even with the floating LoPro Edge bridge I have no problem keeping it in tune. The electronics have never let me down. The original pickups weren't bad but I did upgrade them about 10 years ago. I find the Ibanez prestige models are as good as any top of the line production model out there and better in some cases. So here is my submission to the 2017 Flying Fingers competition.

When listening to the track originally I thought how easy it would be to throw a bunch of  phyrgian shred licks over it and call it a day. But then I figured everyone would be doing that. So I decided to take a more melodic approach and bounce around between a couple of different modes as well as throw in some pentatonic licks. I also saw this as a way to push myself into doing more video content, something I now have quite a few ideas for. But maybe I should engage the camera a bit more. Because while I like the solo, I'm a bit boring to watch. haha. All in good time I guess.

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