Monday, April 4, 2016

ADHD Reivews: Keeley Monterey Fuzz Vibe Pt 2

So just a few weeks ago I posted a review of the Keeley Monterey Fuzz Vibe pedal and I wanted to follow it up with a few thoughts. First off it's a really incredible pedal, it's like the pedal that keeps on giving. I keep finding uses for it, new sounds and things I like better about it than other pedals I have. But what about if your not looking for a Hendrix in a box pedal? Or maybe you like the idea of having a Hendrix in a box pedal but the band your in doesn't do a lot of Hendrixian Psychedelica type stuff. Maybe your band has a much more modern vibe... So I figured I'd throw up some of the things I've found it useful for.

1) Massive Attack Teardrop. Using the Vibe and a touch of Octave up I used the Monterey and some finger picking to play the theme song to House. Yeah that one

2) Big Wreck A Place to Call Home. If you don't know Big Wreck please log on to youtube and look them up. Ian Thornley's tasty chops and sonic landscapes are not the most well know but are very admirable. The beginning of A Place to Call Home has one of the biggest guitar sounds I've ever heard. I was able to get that wall of fuzz sound with just the Monterey fuzz and and some octave.

3) Soundgarden Black Hole Sun. I stumbled upon this sound while playing around with the rotary settings and heard it immediately. I quickly had to remember how to play the song. Probably not surprising that you could use the rotary for that sound but I haven't thought about that song in so long.

4) Ok I might have gotten some help from the Wampler TripleWreck on this one. A friend of mine brought up the John Sykes band Blue Murder the other day and I use to play this song all the time. I used the Monterey Rotary to add in a touch of chorus. Sure I could have used any chorus but the Monterey has such an organic sound.

I've added it to the first review but there is also a cocked wah setting on this thing with an adjustable Q. It's like I bought 8 or 9 really great pedals. If you think of it that way I pretty much got all of this for the price of a few Chinese knock off pedals. Money well spent in my opinion. Check it out HERE By the way. I when I post these clips on Instgram I normally follow it up with a picture of the pedal for the settings, if you think you might find that useful follow me there.

This review was completely unsolicited, I received no compensation for it and all views and opinions are my own.

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