Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pete Thorn on Overdrives

If you don't know who Pete Thorn is look him up on youtube! He has a pretty impressive working resume, as well as being an exceptional guitar player. And his reviews always give me GAS! He posted this on the different types of Overdrives on his Facebook page. 

Someone asked me to quickly describe the differences between TS9 or 808 Tubscreamer pedals, Klon types, OCD, and Carl Martin Plexitone. Here's my response: TS-types- mid forward, softer, overdrive, some bass attenuation going on, nice for BF Fender amps (because Fenders have a mid-scooped tone and lots of treble and bass so it's a perfect contrast). Think Stevie Ray Vaughn. Klon- also an OD, but can almost act like a clean boost. Also mid forward but less so than a TS type, way more "neutral". Just very natural- a "more" pedal. Takes your core amp tone and just beefs it up, giving you "more" of it. OCD- kind of like an 18 watt Marshall grind, in a pedal. Nice amp-ish overdrive. Plexitone- really a distortion, a harder edged gain pedal, best into a neutral clean tone (a tone with not too much bass or treble a flat clean sound will work best) that's quite clean. Ample bass (certainly no bass cut), sizzly top- much like a real plexi or early metal panel Marshall!- Pete Thorn

This would pretty much sum up my experiences with these pedals as well. When I first started playing there were not near as many options of overdrives. And the Tube Screamer quickly found it's home on my board. I keep trying to get away from it but it just feels like coming home. 

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