Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Andy Timmons teams up with JHS Pedals

If you've looked around on my modest blog you know I'm a big Andy Timmons fan. And while a lot of his tone is his playing style his gear is pretty important. So I've been pretty excited to hear that Andy is working with Josh at JHS pedals to design a signiture overdrive that captures his Lonestar lead tone. The excitement continues with the announcement that the AT drive will be available November 16th in the US and shortly there after internationally.

Here is the video that JHS put up last night.

Long time followers of Andy's will remember that Xotic put out an Andy Timmons version of their BB Preamp. The difference is that the BB Preamp is a very nice TS type pedal designed to go in front of an amp where as the Angry Charlie that the new JHS AT Drive is based on is an amp in a box type pedal that gives a voice close to the lead tone of Andy's Lonestar amps.

So is this the Andy Timmons tone in a box pedal? Not exactly. A big part of Andy's sound is the modulated delay from his EHX Memory Man pedals or the Strymon Timeline. But this new pedal will free Andy up to show up at a gig, put the amp on a nice clean sound and be able to use the AT Drive if there isn't a Lonestar available. So maybe we should think of it as a Lonestar lead channel in a box.

If you want to learn more getting Andy's tone check out the Andy Timmons Gear Guide. And while your at it check out my thoughts on the Mesa Boogie Lonestar. Why this pedal isn't called the Angry Timmons I don't know but as much as I try not to buy a lot of signature gear but I might have to pull the trigger on this one.

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