Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aftershock Designs Hybrid Iso Enclosure

File this under things I don't need but think are a great idea. I've never heard of Aftershock Designs but I was looking around at custom 4x12 builders and found them. Aftershock Designs has a hybrid guitar cabinet that looks like a 4x12 but has 2x12 and an 1x12 IsoCab built in! IsoCabs are great for low level recording, but also for controlling the quality of the sound on stage. You get a more consistent sound from stage to stage so mixing becomes easier. This is a fantastic idea for guys playing clubs, outdoor festivals, and even the P&W crowd. It's almost like going direct except it's still your amp sound and you can set up your microphone the way YOU like it.  

Here is a direct link to the Hybrid Iso Enclosure page but check out some of their other options, including custom toltex and paint, grill cloth, and even LED's. 

Just for the record this is not a sponsored post. I just saw it and thought it was a great idea. Plus it looks like these guys do some very cool stuff for those of us that want something a little different. 

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