Monday, March 5, 2012

Feeding your Acoustic Addiction

I'm mostly an electric guitar player, but I would like to like acoustics more. The big problem I have is that I've only played two that really blew me away. One was an '79 Takamine that played nice but just sang and felt alive. The finish was messed up and I couldn't make a deal with the guy. The other was a 1943 Martin acoustic, and wow same thing accept better. It wasn't for sale. I've got a newer Takamine that I play every now and then and its fine. But I've always wanted to learn a lot more about acoustics.

Enter a new site where Richard Caruso and Carl Franklin have started a online TV show about, you guessed it, acoustic guitars. In the pilot episode they take a look at a '93 Taylor K20 (all Koa), a 2012 Taylor 714ce (Rosewood back/sides, Engleman Spruce top), a 2011 Santa Cruz Ray Southerner (Mahogany back/sides, Sitka Spruce top), and a 2010 McPherson 4.5 (Beeswing Mahogany back/sides, Adirondack Spruce top). Not only do you get to hear the differences, they talk about the different construction techniques and analyze the frequency spectrum of each guitar playing and E chord. If I was going to buy one of these 4 It would be the Santa Cruz. I hope they keep this up, I'd like to hear some uncommon woods as well as some more affordable models. Good going guys.

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